What Is Thematic Unit ?

The thematic unit or teaching themes is the content and a structure for organizing learning activities. Teaching themes is based on the curriculum.

Through units children are able to develop skills and learn information as much as possible about the topic being studied. Preschool themes should be based on children’s needs, interest and developmental level.

It should be suitable to children’s background experiences. Do your observation and then put appropriate curriculum. Select your topic and adapt different method and material for your preschool theme.

Many teachers choose a different thematic unit for their classroom each week, and some other teacher plans their teaching themes for two to four weeks.

These are some preschool theme ideas :

Apple is good for you ! Apple will keep you healthy. Take our preschool apple theme activities to introduce apple to your children. In this unit the children will explore many things about apple. What you should know about apples?

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Chinese New Year
For Chinese people, Chinese New Year is most important celebration of the year. It is time to cleaning and decorating the house with Chinese New Year craft, chinese latern, etc. Find some Chinese New Year activities and craft ideas here to inspire you.......

Farm Animals
Farming is important for our life. Farm animals produce many things for our life. In preschool farm animal themes children will learn how farm animal helps us. Who and how to take care farm animals.


The month of October is coming… there is a special holiday for children – Halloween. In preschool Halloween theme many experiences have been planned to promote activities that associated with Halloween, as well as symbol, color, even Halloween craft.

Thanksgiving is approaching. At school children will be participating in many Thanksgiving activities. In preschool Thanksgiving theme children will learn the tradition, activity and symbol that are associated with Thanksgiving Day and make some creative Thanksgiving Craft.




In this unit, preschool vegetables theme children will learn about healthy foods. Children will taste many kind of vegetables, learn how vegetables are grown and having fun with preschool vegetables theme-related activities.

Zoo Animal
Preschool zoo theme is an appropriate theme to introduce to the children about zoo. The children usually are fascinated by the zoo and the animal live there. And this is a great way to develop an appreciation and respect for animal life too !

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