Preschool Thanksgiving Theme

Thanksgiving is approaching. At school children will be participating in many Thanksgiving activities. In preschool Thanksgiving theme children will learn the tradition, activity and symbol that are associated with Thanksgiving Day and make some creative Thanksgiving Craft.

In United States, Thanksgiving is celebrate every fourth Thursday on November. This year United States will celebrate on Thursday, November 25, 2010. It celebrates in remembrance of the pilgrim. Thanksgiving also celebrates in order to give thanks for what we have.

In Canada, Thanksgiving celebrated on the second Monday of October. It because autumn season starts early in Canada than in United States. Thanksgiving in Canada is to give thanks for their successful harvest. This year they will celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday, October 11, 2010.

What are the objective ?

In preschool Thanksgiving theme, children may learn :

  1. Thanksgiving celebration.
  2. Thanksgiving food.
  3. The purpose of celebrating Thanksgiving.
  4. Thanksgiving symbols.
What are the concepts for the children ?
  1. Thanksgiving is time for sharing, gathering with family and giving thanks.
  2. Thanksgiving is a holiday in November.
  3. Thanksgiving symbols : cornucopia, turkey, Pilgrim and Native American.
  4. Family and group of friends get together to celebrate Thanksgiving. A typical Thanksgiving meal are turkey, potatoes, vegetables, pumpkin pie, cranberries, etc.

Learning Center Activities


A Basket of Fruits and Vegetables. Make these simple craft, weave the basket and fill it with fruit and vegetables for Thanksgiving Day. How to make it.

Pop up Turkey. Make this cute Turkey for Thanksgiving, then customize them for celebration at school. How to make it.

Find another wonderful project for preschool art activities.


Build a Farm. Using blocks and plastic animals, build a farm to grow turkey.

Go to block center to find another activity.


Family Celebration. Let children have a holiday meal. Gather materials for a special family meal. Collect plates, cups, napkin, spoon, fork and plastic food or food items cut from magazine.

Find another great activity for symbolic play.


Skill : Visual memory

Thanksgiving Memory Games. Collect some food picture or thanksgiving-related picture. Print two times for each picture and laminate it.

Place all the cards face down on the table. One player at a time turns over two cards. If the cards match, the player can keep the cards and gets another turn. If the cards do not match the card should turn over again, and the next child gets a chance to match up the cards. The child with the most cards is the winner.

The number pairs of the picture will depend on your children’s ability. You may start with five pairs.

Wonderful idea for preschool language activities for you to learn about and share with your children.


Skill : Puzzle

Thanksgiving Puzzle. Collect some food items or Thanksgiving-related picture cut from magazine or newspaper. Paste it into cardboard and cut into 4, 6 or 8 pieces, depend on your children ability. Put the puzzle into envelope.

If you have scanner and printer, before you cut the picture, scan and print it on the envelope so children have something to look at as they work the puzzle.

A list of fine motor activities


Skill : Number meaning and recognition

Count the Popcorn. Provide some cupcakes liner. In the bottom of cupcakes liner, write the numerals that you working on. Give children popcorn, instruct them to make appropriate sets in each cupcakes liner with popcorn.

After you are finish, eat the sets! Don’t forget to ask your children to wash their hands before you start the activity.

Preschool math activities can be used to teach children math.


Observing Corn. Provide the children with several types of corn. Bring kernel of corn, corn with the cob, unpopped and popped popcorn, cooked and raw corn, dried and fresh corn. Ask children to observe the corn, the color and the taste cooked corn.

Includes all of preschool science activities for the young scientist.


Cranberry Freeze

125 gr cranberry
60 ml water
150 gr strawberry, hulled
40 gr caster sugar
100 ml orange juice

Method :

  1. Boil the sugar and water in a pan. Stir until the sugar is dissolved
  2. Put the cranberry and strawberry in a blender. Sieve the puree. Mix with the sugary water and orange juice.
  3. Fill the lolly moulds, then add the sticks. Freeze 2 hours until solid.

Look at another recipes in kids recipes for young chef.


Visiting a Turkey Farm. Let children observe the behavior of the turkeys and the food that the turkey eat.

This is a good idea for preschool field trip.


Turkey Keeper. Ask one child to cover his eyes. Hide the “turkey” in the classroom. (For the "turkey" I suggest you took one of children made Pop up Turkey for Art Center, if you make it.) And then instruct the child to open his eyes and look for the turkey. If the child begins walking in the direction of the turkey, the rest of the children provide a clue by saying, “gobble, gobble”.

As the child getting closer to the turkey, the children’s voice becoming louder. If the child is getting further from the turkey, the children’s voice becoming softer. Once the turkey founded, another child becomes the turkey keeper

Contains exciting fun games for gross motor skill.


My Popcorn
(sing to the tune of “The Muffin Man”)

Oh do you know my popcorn?
My popcorn, my popcorn
Oh do you know my popcorn?
It is all fat and white

Contains song and rhymes related to your themes.

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