Preschool Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving Day are right around the corner. Make some preschool Thanksgiving craft with your children and decorate your classroom. Making Thanksgiving crafts is easy. You'll find some thanksgiving craft ideas here to inspire you. Check it out now………

A Basket of Fruits and Vegetables.

Make these simple craft, weave the basket and fill it with fruit and vegetables for Thanksgiving Day.

How to make it :

  • Let children wave the basket. Take a paper strip and wave over and under. Secure ends in place with glue. Take the next strip and wave in opposite direction by doing under and over.
  • Color the basket handle.
  • Paste the colored vegetables and fruits on the basket.

Pop up Turkey.

Make this cute Turkey for Thanksgiving, then customize them for celebration at school.

How to make it :

  • Instruct children to color the turkey.

  • Fold the paper in half. Using scissors cut a horizontal slit, it will be the beak.
  • Fold back the flaps on either side of the slit.
  • Open out the card, and pull the beak forward, going over the beak fold once more to help it “pop up”.

  • Glue a piece of paper as big as the turkey paper at the back side, that will be behind the beak. Be careful, do not glue the beak.
  • Cut along the turkey feathers.

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