Preschool Language Activities in Language Center

Children express their thoughts and feelings through language. Through language center children will learn a lot of language activities. They absorb language by listening and imitating others. Teacher can provide wide variety of experiences for social interaction. Teach children by children by using appropriate language, try to speak slowly and clearly. If the children speak incorrectly or mispronounce a word, repeat the sentence properly.

To develop speaking skills always encourage children to talk. If you want they talk, listen to them, look at them, and really focus on what they are saying.

Besides speaking, children should learn how to listening. Listening is very important. By listening children can follow the direction and develop another skill.

Use developmentally appropriate activities to teach children to read. Provide activities to foster reading readiness. Reading readiness will give children a good foundation, attitude and skill to be a successful reader. Reading readiness skill are : visual perception, visual memory, perceptual motor skill and concept orientation, readiness for books and reading attitude. So, trough the language art center children can develop oral language, vocabulary, rhymes, listening skills, phonic, social skills, writing skills, reading readiness skills, recognizing letters, and good attitude about reading.

Preschool language activities :

Skill : Visual Perception Train children this skill will help them to develop the ability to distinguish objects, color, shapes and letters.

  • Print apple theme worksheet (a new window will open). Children must identify which one is different.
  • Learn Chinese with ChinesePod

  • Make two cards of each Chinese character (a new window will open) for each Chinese zodiac. Ask children match up those that are alike.

    I provide the pinyin (Pinyin is a Romanization system that allows you to express the sounds of Chinese characters using letters) and the meaning for every Chinese character. It is for your information only, it is not the objective for the children. And you can Learn Chinese with ChinesePod, it is convenient way to learn Mandarin, they make it very fun.

Skill : Letters. Letters and sound is something abstract for children. Help children to verbalize by providing related real object.

  • Make “A” Poster Board. Print the letter A on poster board. Explain to the children that “Apple” start with letter “A”. Then ask to the children to think as many words as they can the word start with that sound. Write it down on poster board, and then read the list. Hang it on the wall that children can review it at other time.

Skill : Sight Words. Let children learn to recognize and read simple words.

  • Making favorite vegetables list. Ask children to mention their favorite vegetable. Write it down, after all the children have turn, read again. Write the list on the cardboard, and hang it on the wall. Children will like it!
  • Make Halloween Word Puzzle. Write a Halloween related word on construction board then cut between the letters. Put the puzzle pieces in an envelope. And write the word on the envelope too so children have something to look at as they work the puzzle.

    The word that you can use : halloween, pumpkin, ghost, orange, black, black cat, costume, mask, witch, spider, jack-o-lantern, etc.

  • Chinese Horoscope. Introduce the animals in Chinese zodiac chart. Makes configuration games where the shape of the word will help children identify what the word is.

Skill : Read and Write. In this activity, children will learn to use symbol to communicate with others.

  • Making Vegetables Book. Make a book for each child by stapling few piece of paper between construction paper. Prepare some picture from magazine. Let the children write the title of their book : “My Vegetable Book”. The children will paste vegetable picture to the individual pages. Write down the name of vegetables on the board. Encourage children to copy the names of the vegetables to the appropriate picture.

Skill : Auditory Memory. The skill to remember the sound letter and blend it together to creates words.

  • The Animals Go Marching. Arrange three or four farm animal picture on the board. Say those in a specific order, and then ask one child to rearrange them in that order.

Skill : Auditory Perception. This is the ability to discriminate sound and associate it with appropriate letters.

  • Name Two Words. Name two words that related with farm animal. If they are same, children stand up. If they are different, children sit down. For example : teacher say, “horse, horse”, children stand up. Teacher say, ”pig, cow”, children sit down.

    The word that you can use : turkey, pig, chicken, horse, duck, cow, sheep, piglet, chick, hen, rooster, calf, lamb, cock, gobble, bleat, crow, cluck, quack, barn, stable, farm, farmer etc.

Skill : Visual Memory This is the ability to recognize letter form.

  • Thanksgiving Memory Games. Collect some food picture or thanksgiving-related picture. Print two times for each picture and laminate it.

    Place all the cards face down on the table. One player at a time turns over two cards. If the cards match, the player can keep the cards and gets another turn. If the cards do not match the card should turn over again, and the next child gets a chance to match up the cards. The child with the most cards is the winner.

    The number pairs of the picture will depend on your children’s ability. You may start with five pairs.

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