Preschool Field Trip -
An Outdoor Activities To Support Your Theme Teaching

Field trip is a good opportunities for children to understand the world around them. Outdoor activities can encourage and stimulate children’s curiosity. When you are planning a preschool fieldtrip destination, find a child-friendly place where children allowed touching and exploring the things that they see. And make sure that the destination is safe and appropriate for your children.

Places to go :

  • Florist
  • Park
  • Botanical garden
  • Aquarium
  • Children’s museum
  • Zoo
  • Hospital
  • Dentist
  • Bank
  • Post office

Field Trip destination :

Visit an Apple Orchard. Let children observe the workers picking, sorting, preparing and/or selling the apples. Observe the size, color and shape of the apple.

Go to Grocery Store.

  • Visit Fruit Section. Observe all the form of the apples sold in a grocery store. Observe the color and size of the apple. Weight apples on a scale.
  • Go to Dairy Section. Look at the types of dairy products at the grocery store.
  • Find the Orange Section. Let children observe the type, color and size of orange.

Visiting a Farm.

  • Ask to the farmer to show to the children how the vegetables grow on the farm. Let children observe the farmer growing, picking and/or selling the vegetables. Observe some vegetable plant. Some vegetables grow at trees, vines, or underground etc.
  • Let children talk to the farmer, discuss to the children how the farmer take care the animals. Encourage children observe animals and farm machinery.
  • Let children observe the behavior of the turkeys and the food that the turkey eat.

Visit Milk Station. discuss to the children about the cow and milk. What do cow eat. How do cow produce milk.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch. Discuss how the pumpkin grow. During the tour observe the shape and the various-sized pumpkins.

Go to China Town. If possible, go to China Town few days before Chinese New Year. Let children observe the environment, the decoration, the activity and the food they sell for celebrating Chinese New Year.

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