Preschool Art Activities for Art Center

Art stimulate children a lot. Preschool art help children grow creative, emotional, physical, social, and intellectual. Through preschool art activities children develop sensory perception, hand eye coordination, fine motor control, pleasure and satisfaction, to love of beauty in their own work and work of their friends, and self expression etc.

As a teacher respect individual differences is very important. Display all children artwork. Not only “the best”. Take children to visit art museum, invite artist to your classroom, display beautiful thing can help children to develop their aesthetic appreciation. Respect children’s talent, talent comes in many forms. Some children are good in art, others good in dance or music. Be enthusiastic about what they create - whatever it looks like.

Materials for preschool art and craft :

  • Scissor
  • Paper cup
  • Paper plate
  • Confetti
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Crayon

Special art project for holiday themes:

Preschool art activities :

Method : stenciling and toothbrush painting

Making Apple Place Mat. Materials : discarded toothbrush, paint (red and green), cardboard. Trace apple and leaf pattern (a new window will open) on the cardboard. Using sharp cutter cut out the stencil.

Place the apple stencil on the place mat-sized piece of cardboard. Put red paint in a bowl and splatter paint onto cardboard using the toothbrush. Let it dry for a minute.

Load the leaf stencil on the position on the cardboard. Put green paint in a bowl and splatter paint onto cardboard using the toothbrush. Let them dry, laminate it.

Vegetables Prints. Prepare some firm vegetables such as carrot, okra, potato, green pepper, etc. Cut it in half. Drain on paper towel to remove surplus juice. The children dip the vegetables in paint and press the vegetable on paper.

Vegetable Mobile. Print out vegetables. (a new window will open) Ask children to color it. For older children you can ask them to cut it by themselves, for younger children help them to cut it. Punch a hole to each picture. Tie yarn to middle of stick to hang by, and then tie the vegetable picture to hang down from stick.

Chicken Eggshell Collage. Collect eggshells, wash it using soap and let it dry. Paint the eggshell with yellow and red acrylic paint. Print chicken picture. (a new window will open) Ask children glue the eggshells on paper. Let it dry.

Halloween Craft

Halloween Door Hanger. Try this fun and easy Halloween door hanger to decorate your classroom door. Make several at once.

Pumpkin Fridge Magnet These pumpkin fridge magnet is very easy to make. Put to your fridge or magnetic board to hang your children artwork!

Thanksgiving Craft

A Basket of Fruits and Vegetables. Make these simple craft, weave the basket and fill it with fruit and vegetables for Thanksgiving Day. How to make it.

Pop up Turkey. Make this cute Turkey for Thanksgiving, then customize them for celebration at school. How to make it.

Chinese New Year Craft

Red Envelops Lantern. Make this beautiful lantern then hang it. How to make it.

Chinese Coin. Make this chinese coin , then stick them on the wall or hang it for celebration at school.

Chinese Dragon. Make this colorful dragon , it would make a great class decoration. Attach the finished dragon to a stick to play with. How to make it.

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