Preschool Apple Theme

Apple is good for you ! Apple will keep you healthy. Take our preschool apple theme activities to introduce apple to your children. In this unit the children will explore many things about apple. What you should know about apples?

What are the objective ?

The children may learn :

  1. Part of an apple.
  2. Apple tastes.
  3. Texture, size, and color of apples.
  4. Preparation of apple for eating.

What are the concepts for the children ?

  1. And apple is a fruit.
  2. Apple grows on trees.
  3. The children will be able to identify various part of the apple, seed, meat, skin and stem.
  4. Apples can be sweet or sour.
  5. Apple has many colors, red, yellow or green.
  6. The children will categorize apple by size ; small, medium and large.
  7. Apple has many variety for meal or snack such as : pie, cake, applesauce, apple juice, jelly etc.

Learning Center Activities


Method : stenciling and toothbrush painting

Apple Place Mat. Materials : discarded toothbrush, paint (red and green), cardboard. Trace apple and leaf pattern (a new window will open) on the cardboard. Using sharp cutter cut out the stencil.

Place the apple stencil on the place mat-sized piece of cardboard. Put red paint in a bowl and splatter paint onto cardboard using the toothbrush. Let it dry for a minute.

Load the leaf stencil on the position on the cardboard. Put green paint in a bowl and splatter paint onto cardboard using the toothbrush. Let them dry, laminate it.

Find another wonderful project for preschool art activities.


Plant an Apple Tree. Stack blocks as tall as apple tree.

Go to block center to find another activity.


Set Up an Apple Stand. Prepare an apple stand by providing the children with bags, cash register, stand, play money, scale, apple or plastic apple. Encourage the children for buy, sell and pack the apples. The children can take turns being a buyer, seller or cashier.

Find another great activity for symbolic play.


Skill : Visual Perception

Print apple theme worksheet (a new window will open). Children must identify which one is different.

Skill : Letters

Make "A" Poster Board. Print the letter A on poster board. Explain to the children that "Apple" start with letter "A". Then ask to the children to think as many words as they can the word start with that sound. Write it down on poster board, and then read the list. Hang it on the wall that children can review it at other time.

Wonderful idea for preschool language activities for you to learn about and share with your children.


Skill : Tracing

Make an Apple Template. Print apple pattern (a new window will open) and trace it on the cardboard. Using sharp knife cut it out. Ask children trace inside.

A list of fine motor activities


Skill : Measuring

Weighing Apples. Provide scale and various-size apples. Let the children experiment by weighting the apples. Show to the children differences in weight. Take large apple and weight it on a scale, note the weight. Then take the small apple and repeat the process.

Skill : One-to-One Correspondence

Apple in Basket. Provide cups for baskets. Draw apples on the construction paper. Cut the apples and laminate it. Children can match-up object one-to-one, put an apple in each basket.

Skill : Number Meaning and Recognition

Apples on the Tree. Draw the apple tree on the cardboard and print numerals on each tree. The numerals on the tree will depend on children developmental level. On the construction paper trace apples and then cut it out. Laminate the apples. Children can put the apple in appropriate numbered apple tree.

Preschool math activities can be used to teach children math.


Observing Apple. Discuss the size, color and shape of an apple. Cut the apple in half, observe part of an apple, skin, meat, seed, core etc.Cut the apple in section, ask children to taste it. Some apple can be sweet or sour. Smell the apple, how does it smell?

Oxidation of an Apple. Cut apple into section. Dip some section of apple into lemon juice and put it on a plate. Put remaining section of apple on another plate. Observe what happens to each plate of apple.

Teacher hints: Talk to the children the effect of lemon juice coating, which keeps oxygen from the apple that they do not change color rapidly.

Includes all of preschool science activities for the young scientist.


Apple Sauce

Ingredients :
3 pounds apples
1 cinnamon stick
5 tablespoon sugar
1 cup water
2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Cooking method :

  1. Clean apple by peeling, coring and slicing.
  2. Place apple in a large saucepan. Combine apples with cinnamon stick, sugar and water.
  3. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer. Stir occasionally until apples are tender.
  4. Remove from heat, discard cinnamon stick. Stir in fresh lemon juice.V
  5. Cool prior to eating.

Look at another recipes in kids recipes for young chef.


Visit an Apple Orchard. Let children observe the workers picking, sorting, preparing and/or selling the apples. Observe the size, color and shape of the apple.

Visit a Grocery Store. Observe all the form of the apples sold in a grocery store. Observe the color and size of the apple. Weight apples on a scale.

This is a good idea for preschool field trip.


Playing Apple-Apple-Apple Pie.
(adapted from duck-duck-goose)

The children form the circle and sit down on the floor. One child becomes "it", walk around the outside of the circle saying "apple" as "it" touches each player. When "it"touches a child and say "apple pie" that child must chase "it" around the circle before he/she can get back to "apple pie's" place. If "it" is caught, he/she must sit in the center of the circle. "Apple pie" then becomes "it" and the games continous.

Hot Apple Pie.
(adapted from Hot Potato)

Print the apple pie (a new window will open) and paste it on the 2 cm thick styrofoam. Children stand in a circle and pass around the apple pie. Music is played, but when the music stops the one who is holding the apple pie. Must sit down, the game is played until there is only one child left standing.

Contains exciting fun games for gross motor skill.


"Ten Little Apple"
(sing to the tune of "Ten Little Indians")

One little, two little, three little apples,
four little, five little, six little apples,
seven little, eight little, nine little apples,
all apples on the ground.

Contains song and rhymes related to your themes.

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