Preschool Activities
Based on Themes

In planning your preschool activities, you have to plan diverse activities.
Why ? Children need a variety of activity and equipment to develop their skill.

Children need time to play in structured activity and unstructured activity, usually in free play. Children need to play alone or play with their friends. They also need space to do activity indoor, inside the classroom in the learning center . Outdoor, at the playground in school area. They need to develop their gross motor skill by running, kick the ball, walk, run etc. Children can learn at school neighborhood or at public places while field trip at groceries store, farm, post office etc.

Children need different type equipment to experiences many things. Kitchen is great laboratory for children. You can bring children to the kitchen. Cooking with kids is one of fun activity. Cook involve a lot of skills too !!

During the activity or transition you can play the music, sing a song and recite a rhyme based theme preschool activities.

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