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Children love to cook and cooking with kids is a pleasure activity. Cooking is making edible craft project. Through cook children learn many skill without noticing, for example counting, measuring, weighing, understand time, communicating, following oral instruction, chemical changes, plant and animal product, sequential order, reading recipe, careers with food, foods from different countries and awareness of good nutrition.

They learn to developtheir small and large motor skills too by kneading, rolling out, pour, stir, or cracking eggs. Children can learn how to cooperate with their friends, how to take turns. Cooking activities cans develop self-esteem and can turn fussy eaters on to new foods. Cooking involves all five senses too !!

Many children have parents with poor diet patterns, they like to eat fast food, food with additives and more sugar. So in this activities, teachers have chance to teach children positive eating habit. The more children learn about nutrition, the better choices they will be able to make. Always encourage children to eat a variety of food from the four food groups :

  1. fruits and vegetables,
  2. dairy product,
  3. breads and cereals,
  4. fish, meat, poultry, dry beans and eggs.
Encourage children to try all foods. Don’t reward children with food or candies. Encourage children to eat nutritional snacks such yogurt, fresh fruit and vegetables. Remind children to drink plenty of water. It would be better if the teacher sits with the children and enjoys the fresh fruits as a treat as a positive attitude, then the children will be positive with the meal, too. Teacher’s negative attitude about certain foods can also rub off on the children. Be a role model !!

Before you start your cooking project organize it well to the children about the safety rules in the kitchen.

  • Adult supervision is mandatory. Never allow a children to work alone in the kitchen. Stoves, knives, or bubbling pots become potential accidents when children are left on their own in the kitchen. Keep electrical appliance away from water to avoid shocks. If your hands are wet, stay away from electrical sockets.
  • Teach children how to use utensil safely. Be careful for sharp knives. Use a plastic knife for 5-6 years olds children.
  • Always start by washing hands! Teach children to wash hands in soapy water before and after handling food. This is especially important with raw foods such as meat.
  • Remind children to direct cough and sneezes away from food, to cover mouth and nose with tissue and wash hand immediately afterward.
  • Teach children about first aid :

    If some one burn, ask an adult immediately and hold the burn area under cool running water.

    Never put water on cooking fire – it could make the fire bigger. Tell an adult immediately. Put out a fire with a fire extinguisher. If the fire is small cover the fire with a wet/damp tick non-flammable fabric.

  • Keep everything clean. A messy work area is danger. Wet floors are slippery and lead to falls. Bacteria thrive on spilled food and it can contaminate the food.
  • Check cooking appliance and stove are turn off before you leave the kitchen.

There are many cooking task that children can do in the kitchen. Every age of your children has various skill levels. There is some task suggestion for age specific task.

  • 3-year olds can tear lettuce, pour liquids, wash fruit and vegetables, stir ingredients in a bowl or put ingredients in a bowl.
  • 4-year olds can open packages, grease pans, peel hard-cooked eggs, whisk egg, put ingredients in pots, snip herbs using dull scissors, smash banana with fork, press the button of blender, operating hand juicer.
  • 5-6-year olds can set the table, measure ingredient, cut soft food with a blunt knife or plastic knife, hold a mixer, peel garnish food or roll and shape cookies.

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