Gross Motor Skill Activity for Gym

Gross motor skills often referred to as large motor skills. Children naturally like to move. As they move they develop many skills such as : coordination, body awareness, self-control, strength, and confidence.

Movement activities makes children healthier, can relive stress, can serve as an outlet for energy, makes children happy, can help children concentrate well, can express feeling, and provide opportunities to interact to others.

Sports and exercise are good for our body. Healthy living habit through doing exercise and sport will reduce overweight and lack of fitness.There are some skills that children must get during their first six years : run, tip toe, jump two feet, walk forward and walk backward, climb stairs, balance on right foot and on left foot, gallop, skip, kick a ball, throw a ball and catch a ball etc.

Before you do the main activity, you can start with warming up.

Material for gross motor skill :

  • Hula hoop
  • Big ball
  • Small ball
  • Slide
  • Riding toy
  • Balance beam
  • Climbing equipment

Gross motor activities :

Playing Apple-Apple-Apple Pie.
(adapted from duck-duck-goose)

The children form the circle and sit down on the floor. One child becomes “it”, walk around the outside of the circle saying “apple” as “it” touches each player. When “it”touches a child and say “apple pie” that child must chase “it” around the circle before he/she can get back to “apple pie’s” place. If “it” is caught, he/she must sit in the center of the circle. “Apple pie” then becomes “it” and the games continous.

Hot Apple Pie.
(adapted from Hot Potato)

Print the apple pie (a new window will open) and paste it on the 2 cm thick styrofoam. Children stand in a circle and pass around the apple pie. Music is played, but when the music stops the one who is holding the apple pie. Must sit down, the game is played until there is only one child left standing.

Going to Cook Veggie Soup. The children sit in a circle. The first children says, “I am going to cook veggie soup and I am putting (names a vegetable).” The second children repeats what the first children say and add one vegetable. The game continues with each person adding a vegetable to the list. If someone forgets, the game starts over again.

Play Wolf and Chickens Draw two lines approximately 15 meters apart. The children become the “chicken”. The children line up and stand behind one of the lines. Choose one child become the “wolf”. The wolf stands between two lines. The wolf pretend to be chicken and says, ”cluck – cluck - cluck – cluck”. When the wolf says, “wolf”, all the chicken must run across to the other line. In this process, if the wolf catch the chicken, the chicken become wolf too and help the wolf catch the other. Continue the games until all the chicken are caught. The last one caught will become the first wolf for the next games.

Halloween Costume Relay. Divide the class into teams with five children each. Provide some simple Halloween costume, as much as the team. Have player line up based on the team. One at the time run to a designated point, put on the costume, go back to the line, and go back again to designated point then take off the costume. The second player does the same thing. The game continues until the entire player each team has turn. The first team to have all players run is the winner.

Turkey Keeper. Ask one child to cover his eyes. Hide the “turkey” in the classroom. (For the "turkey" I suggest you took one of children made Pop up Turkey for Art Center if you make it.) And then instruct the child to open his eyes and look for the turkey. If the child begins walking in the direction of the turkey, the rest of the children provide a clue by saying, “gobble, gobble”.

As the child getting closer to the turkey, the children’s voice becoming louder. If the child is getting further from the turkey, the children’s voice becoming softer. Once the turkey founded, another child becomes the turkey keeper.

Chinese Horoscope Gossip.The children sit in a circle. The teacher or the leader whisper one of Chinese zodiac animal in one child’s ear. He or she whispers what they have heard to the next child and so on around the circle. The last child must tell everyone what he or she has heard. The leader then repeats what was really said.

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