Fine Motor Activities for
Manipulative Center

Small motor skills are referred to fine motor skills or manipulative skills. Fine motor activities will helps children to develop independence, problem-solving skill, thinking skills, awareness etc.

The purpose of small motor skill activity is to develop the small muscles in the hands and fingers, to improve hand eye coordination. This skill will effect to the children’s ability to write and read in the future.

Start practicing with large object such as large beads, big puzzle or big brushes. Then move increasingly to smaller objects, small beads, and small brushes. Move from simple to complex activities.

Material for small motor center:

  • Beads
  • Play dough
  • Sewing card
  • Lacing activities
  • Puzzles
  • Stacking toys
  • Scissor
  • Dressing toys

Fine motor activities:

Skill : Tracing

Make an Apple Template. Print apple pattern (a new window will open) and trace it on the cardboard. Using sharp knife cut it out. Ask children trace inside.

Skill : Sewing

Vegetables Lacing Card. Make your own sewing card from cardboard. Print out vegetables (a new window will open) paste it on the cardboard. Make holes punch at the edges. Use yarn to sew with. Wrap the end of the yarn with cellophane to make it stiff.

Skill : Twisting and Turning

Jar lids. Find several size of discarded plastic jar. Ask the children to match the lids to the appropriate jars, then screw and unscrew it.

Skill : Pouring and Spooning

Grain. Provide different types of grain, such as : rice, corn, and wheat. Have children pour grain over plastic tube. Give them a spoon and ask them to fill up the plastic tube with the grain.

Skill : Follow the Dots

Halloween Character. Ask children to connect dotted lines to make objects.

Skill : Puzzle

Thanksgiving Puzzle. Collect some food items or Thanksgiving-related picture cut from magazine or newspaper. Paste it into cardboard and cut into 4, 6 or 8 pieces, depend on your children ability. Put the puzzle into envelope.

If you have scanner and printer, before you cut the picture, scan and print it on the envelope so children have something to look at as they work the puzzle.

Skill : Washing and Scrubbing

Clean The House. It is time to clean the house ! Fill a tub with soapy water. Allow children to wash toy dishes, doll clothes, small towels, handkerchief, etc. Provide a small brush, let children scrub the toys.

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