Chinese New Year Craft

Searching for preschool chinese new year craft? Here are our favorites. For this chinese new year activities, we have created some great chinese new year craft. We will make Red Envelops Lantern, Chinese Coin, Chinese Dragon etc.

Red Envelops Lantern.

Make this beautiful lantern then hang it

How to make it :

  • To figure out how to make this beautiful Red Envelops Lantern, print the red envelope pattern. (a new window will open)
  • Cut out, fold and staple on the staple spot with the same number together.
  • After you know how it works. Provide 12 pieces of red envelope.

  • Fold the red envelope as the pattern shown.

  • Staple it as same as the pattern shown.

  • Cut long red strips of paper as streamer. Tie streamer on the lantern. Tie yarn to lantern to hang by.

Chinese Coin.

Make this Chinese Coin, then stick them on the wall or hang it for celebration at school

How to make it :

  • Provide the children with color pencil and crayon, encourage them to color and decorate the coin as they like.

  • Stick it on the wall for your class decoration or punch a hole to each coin, tie yarn to hang by.

Chinese Dragon.

Make this colorful dragon, it would make a great class decoration. Attach the finished dragon to a stick to play with.

How to make it :

  • Make dragon head. Print or copy the dragon head pattern. (a new window will open) on a cardboard.
  • Fold the head at the dotted lines for the center shown on the pattern. Trace along the folds with ruler and an exhausted pen (no ink) to get a sharper, easier fold.

  • Ask the children to color the dragon.

  • Glue a strip of a paper onto the head, as shown on the picture.

    • Make dragon body. Use two strips of yellow and red paper (90 cm long and 2,5 cm wide each).
    • Glue them together at right angles. Make a concertina style to make the body by folding one over the other. Secure ends with glue.

    • Glue the head onto the body or staple.
    • Cut long red strips of paper as streamer for the tail. Glue these onto the end of the dragon.Attach the finished dragon to a stick to play with or hang it on the wall.

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