Block Center - A Center With Simple Activity But Big Advantage

Block center usually is referred to construction. The purpose of block activities is to improve manipulative skills, that will develop the small muscles in the hands and fingers and to improve hand-eye coordination. During playing with blocks children also improve social interaction. Through playing with blocks children develops concept of size, shape, weight, space and number.

Materials for block center :

  • Hollow blocks
  • Plastic dinosaurs
  • Foam blocks
  • Zoo animals
  • Unit blocks – various size
  • Wooden dollhouse and furniture
  • Train set

Activities for block center :

Plant an Apple Tree. Stack blocks as tall as apple tree.


  • A Garden. Using blocks and plastic plants, build a garden to grow plants.
  • A Farm. Using blocks, plastic plants and plastic farm animal build a farm.
  • A Barnyard. Provide plastic farm animal and farm equipment toys to make a barnyard.
  • A China Town. Using blocks, hollow blocks or discarded milk, snack boxes and toy cars, build a a China Town.

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