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I have taught for almost 10 years and I taught kindergarten for 3 years. As a teacher we do many tasks, we plan, prepare the curriculum, supervise the children during the activities, record children progress and reporting to the parents. What a job!

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with these entire jobs, especially in choosing and preparing the activities. Find the best preschool themes and choose the perfect activities for learning center and pick suitable worksheet takes a lot of time. Even though I love this job, sometimes it makes me stuck.

While looking for material for my class, it becomes obvious that limited books and websites are available using thematic unit. And then as a result, I build this website Creative Preschool Teaching Themes, a website with plenty of kindergarten and preschool theme ideas.

Let Creative Preschool Teaching Themes help you to save your time to find preschool and kindergarten themes teaching idea for teachers even for parents!

You will find the thematic unit in alphabetical order or monthly theme. I provide you some activity idea in learning center such as :

And many preschool activities in :

So, let's have fun with the children!

This website only gives an idea for your classroom activity. It is teacher's responsibility to carefully, select and adapt or change any activities in this website to suit the needs, abilities, interest and developmental level of your children.

Table of Contents

Learning Centers
What is Learning Centers?Why and how to use it in the classroom?Find out more about Learning Center here . . .
What Is Thematic Unit ?
The thematic unit is the content and a structure for organizing learning activities. Thematic unit list are available here. Pick the theme, and then apply it in the classroom . . .
Preschool Math Lesson Plans and Activities at Math Center
If you are looking for preschool math lesson plans and activities, here are the best ones . . .
Preschool Science Lesson Plans and Activities at Science Center
If you need preschool science lesson plans and activities, these would be my choices . . .
Preschool Art Activities for Art Center
Preschool art activities list are available to choose. Pick the activities, then make it . . .
Fine Motor Activities for Manipulative Center
Why fine motor activities are important for children ? Find the answer here.
Preschool Language Activities in Language Center
Preschool Language Activities shows you many idea for your language center. Continue reading here.
Gross Motor Skill Activity for Gym
Planning an activity for gross motor skill is easy . . . And here is some idea for your class.
Kids Recipes - an kid-friendly recipes
Let’s go to the kitchen. Find some kids recipes here.
Symbolic Play - Having Fun at Dramatic Center
Let's have fun at dramatic center and do symbolic play. Find many ideas here.
Block Center - A Center With Simple Activity But Big Advantage
What is the impact on children for do some activity at block center ? Here is a look at block center.
Preschool Music, Songs, Movement and Rhyme for Your Theme Teaching
Find preschool music, songs and rhymes for your theme teaching here.
Preschool Field Trip - An Outdoor Activities To Support Your Theme Teaching
If you need to find someplace to go for preschool field trip. Find here.
Preschool Monthly Themes
This month almost over, need new idea for next preschool monthly themes? Check out here to find new theme for your children.
Preschool Activities Based on Themes
Find challenging and diverse preschool activities based on themes here . . .
Preschool Thanksgiving Theme
Thanksgiving is approaching. At school children will be participating in many Thanksgiving activities. In preschool Thanksgiving theme children will learn many activities.
Contact Me
Have question about find material for teaching preschool, comment, share your own personal teaching experience ? Contact me .......
Chinese New Year Activities
For Chinese people, Chinese New Year is most important celebration of the year. There will be a lot of activities to welcome this day. What we will do?
Preschool Zoo Theme
Preschool zoo theme is an appropriate theme to introduce to the children about zoo. The children usually are fascinated by the zoo and the animal live there.